Our Little Riley Blair

Our Little Riley Blair

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Oh My....

Visiting Dr. Ellis

So I was reminded today that I haven't blogged in a while and since little bit is taking a nap I have time to tell everyone of a funny story that happened. Riley has been having major goobers in her eye and we were worried that she might have a cold or an eye infection. So after several days of her eye getting worse, Marc and I decided that it was time to load her up and go see the doctor. Thursday morning we get up, get dressed and are out of the door by 8:15. Major accomplishment. We arrive at the doctors office, get signed in, get weighed and are escorted to a room. As soon as we took her out of her car seat to get weighed, I smelled it. A poopy diaper. When we get to the room I lay her on the exam table and proceed to change her smelly diaper. In a small enclosed room smelly diapers are the worst. When I get the diaper off and put the new diaper under her I decide to go ahead and bag the smelly one before closing the new one around her because Marc and I were gagging at the smell. Big mistake. She peed all over the exam table somehow completely missing her one and only clean diaper. Knowing not many people were there to be seen in the office that day, I frantically start cleaning the exam table with paper towels, taking off the roll of paper that was on the table, putting new paper down, and telling the nurse we had an accident and that the table needed to be sanitized. Situation under control for the moment. I get Riley from Marc, lay her back on the table to finish buttoning her outfit and wouldn't you know it, she spits up all over herself. In a mad dash I get her clean outfit out of the diaper bag (well prepared I know) and start changing her before the doctor comes in. All was put back together just as the doctor was walking in the door. It was a trip to add to the books. All was well with her eye, she just had a clogged tear duct. I learn something new every day. This lesson.. close the diaper! While Marc was mortified, I could only laugh and wish we had a video to post on our blog.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

Well it took a few hard nights but we are finally sleeping in our crib all night which makes nights for me much better. Better yet, we are only waking up once at night for a feeding (and really, REALLY early in the morning) I'm thinking Riley likes her sleep just as much as mommy and daddy does!